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Download MathType for Windows Font Installers 

The PostScript font installer, like the MathType installer, does not register the PostScript versions of its fonts on the system. You will need to do this process manually either through your OS or via your font manager.


The font installers come in two kinds: PostScript and TrueType. Unless you know you require PostScript fonts, the TrueType font installer should be all you need.

  1. Download the font package(s) from:

        MathType 6.9 TrueType font installer
        MathType 6.9 PostScript font installer

    ...and save it to any folder on your hard disk.
  2. Once the download is complete, your web browser may automatically execute this program. If it doesn't, just run it manually. These are self-extracting files and will automatically run the font installer program once the files are extracted. Just follow the installer's instructions.

Note for Macintosh Users

To obtain the MathType fonts, you need to download and install the free, fully functional, 30-day trial of MathType for Macintosh. This also gives you the option of editing and creating equations rather than just viewing them. After the trial period expires (or MathType is removed), MathType's fonts will remain on your system. If for some reason this is not convenient or creates a problem for you, please email our technical support staff.

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