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WebEQ Browser Controls Installation

Installation is No Longer Recommended

Starting with version 3.6 of the WebEQ Browser Controls, installation is no longer recommended.  Most modern Web browsers automatically cache Java applet files.  Caching eliminates download times as does installing on the local disk, but caching is more secure, leads to fewer version conflicts, and is less error prone.

Therefore, we recommend that you DO NOT install the WebEQ Browser Controls unless you were sent to this page by a web site using WebEQ.  Some older sites and browsers may still require local installation to function properly, and to accommodate these content providers, Design Science will continue to make the version 3.5 Browser Control installers available.  However, you may wish to contact these content providers and suggest they update to version 3.6 of the controls.

Users of older web browsers that do not support caching, particularly Netscape 4.x, may also wish to install the browser controls locally.

Installing Older Versions for Backward Compatibility

To start the installation of the WebEQ Browser Controls, click the button below.  You will be prompted with further instructions depending on your browser and operating system.  If your browser permits automatic installation, you will still be prompted to grant security authorization.

The WebEQ Browser Controls are digitally signed for your security. If you have problems automatically installing the WebEQ Browser Controls, please see our TechNote which provides further information.

Note: The WebEQ Brower Controls installers provide support for documents and web sites created with WebEQ versions 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 .

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