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MathFlow - The MathML Toolbox
The MathML Toolbox Standard

MathFlow Editors

The MathFlow Components include three WYSIWYG equation editors for authoring and editing MathML equations. The equation editing features vary from simple to advanced based on your specific needs. The tables below compare the features of the MathFlow Editors:

End User Features Simple Editor Style Editor Structure Editor
Set default font faces or font families for equations. (Applications only)
Customize the MathFlow toolbar to show items that are used regularly.  
Set linebreaking properties and preferences with the Linebreak Attributes and Line Breaking preferences dialogs.  
Configure the list of named functions that MathFlow recognizes (such as sin, log, max, etc.).  
Customize many typesetting and style properties to fine-tune appearance.  
Insert any Unicode character with the Insert Symbol dialog.  
Easily insert a table template into your equation with the Insert Table dialog.  
Insert MSpace or MPhantom elements with the Insert Space-like dialog.  
Use the MathML Ancestry to see at a glance the nesting of the MathML structure at the cursor location and select parts of the equation containing the cursor.  
Use the mini toolbar to edit the appearance of selections and change their style.  
Drag and drop frequently used expressions to the tabbed toolbar for re-use.    
Display the ruler within the editor for easy alignment of expressions.    
Edit the MathML directly in Source View. This view also allows the addition of non-MathML elements, PI's, and comments.    
Manage custom toolbars.  (Applications only)    
Manage custom font styles. (Applications only)    
Configure safe mode to prevent a user from accidentally changing non-MathML elements contained within an equation.    

Developer Features Simple Editor Style Editor Structure Editor
Customize the user interface via Java Synth.
Localize menus, buttons, and dialogs.
Customize toolbar buttons with glyphs for uniform display across platforms.
Customize toolbar tooltips.
Output MathML equations with your choice of markup type, character type and format level, and with or without namespace attribute or prefix.
Set default font faces or font families for equations.
Set default font size, color, and display style.
Customize the MathFlow toolbar to show items that are appropriate for your audience.
Take advantage of the configurable UI to show or hide general editing preferences: single-character italics, stretchy properties for parentheses and other fences, spacebar behavior, etc.  
Choose whether the font family option is included in the Font Properties dialog.  
Remove menus that users should not be able to access.    

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