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Using MathPlayer 2.0b with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7


While the current version (2.0b) of MathPlayer works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 there are some minor issues. We've detailed these issues for you below.

Known issues

Right-click context menu not available
When viewing math on web pages that invoke MathPlayer, right-clicking on a math object should produce a contextual menu. While viewing math content using Internet Explorer 7 and MathPlayer 2.0b, the contextual menu does not display.

Font resize on pages containing math not functioning as expected
When viewing pages with Math objects, using Internet Explorer 7's Page>Text Size menu option has no effect on math objects or on surrounding text. This will function normally after MathZoom has been invoked by clicking to zoom and un-zoom any equation object.

Font size change not immediately reflected in zoomed area
If MathZoom is invoked and then a change made to font size, the change is not reflected in MathZoom. If you unzoom and then "rezoom" it will be bigger or smaller (depending on the change you made).

Equations disappear when changing page zoom
When viewing pages containing math, using Internet Explorer 7's Zoom to increase or decrease the display to anything other than 100% causes the equation object(s) to dissapear.

Distorted print output when equation object is zoomed
Zoomed math objects will be distorted in output to printer or to PDF file.

Status line comment <maction>, comment does not display in status bar
The <maction> element in MathML provides a way of adding interactivity to an expression. In this case, when the viewer hovers the mouse over an expression, the <maction> element can be coded to display a status line comment. However in Internet Explorer 7 this status line comment does not display.

Drag and Drop does not function under Windows Vista
Click-and-drag of equation objects from browser window to MathType does not function under Windows Vista. Mouse cursor turns to a non-operating symbol when hovering over the MathType workspace when attempting to drop equation.

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