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Changes in MathPlayer 4

MathPlayer 4 (released January 2016) includes the following:

  • Enhanced speech, including a new classroom-friendly speech style developed as part of a Dept of Ed IES grant: "Clear Speak"
  • Support of navigating expressions:
    • Three modes of navigation for flexibility, including a novel enhanced mode of navigation that infers the structure of the math.
    • Support for reading or overviews.
    • Support for placemarkers so that important parts of an equation can be remembered and spoken or moved to quickly.
  • Support for speaking Chemical formulas either "spelled out" (e.g., "C O 2") or as compounds (e.g., "carbon dioxide").

Changes in MathPlayer 4 public beta 2

MathPlayer 4 public beta 2 (released December 2015) includes the following:

  • A new MathPlayer Ribbon installs into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for speaking and navigating math in documents and presentations.
  • Hundreds of improvements to speech rules and controls.

Changes in MathPlayer 4 public beta 1

MathPlayer 4 beta (released March 2015) is a major upgrade that includes the following:

  • Works with assistive technology products
    • Speaks and Braille's math with NV Access's NonVisual Desktop (NVDA) in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Word & PowerPoint
    • Works with Adobe Reader to speak math in PDF documents (requires a properly-tagged PDF; at this writing, all are prototypes)
    • A simple-to-use interface is available to assistive technology vendors that want to support math speech, Braille and navigation of mathematical expressions.
  • Includes many speech customizations
    • Customize speech based on disability
    • Control over verbosity (learner vs. expert)
    • Speech can be customized for specific topics: Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Calculus, etc.
    • Includes "Clear Speak" a new, classroom-friendly speech style jointly developed with Educational Testing Systems (ETS), supported by a U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Science grant.
  • Support for navigating mathematical expressions with many options
    • Navigation in a mode that can infer the structure of the math
    • Create placemarkers to re-read important parts of equations
  • Speaks chemical formulas either "spelled-out" (e.g., "C O 2") or as compounds (e.g., carbon dioxide)
  • Continues to support both visual rendering and math speech in Internet Explorer (requires Enterprise Mode in IE11)

Changes in MathPlayer 3.0

MathPlayer 3.0 (released June 2013) is a major upgrade and includes the following:

  • Improved rendering, including anti-aliasing, and support for STIX fonts means that your equations are going to look better than ever!
  • Major enhancements for accessibility
    • MathPlayer accessibility control panel
    • Support for braille displays
    • Superior math-to-speech capabilities
      • Multiple languages: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish
      • Multiple speech styles in English, (Simple Speech and MathSpeak)
      • Target speech for LD | low vision | blind
      • Verbose and terse settings aimed at learners and experts
      • Subject area rules (geometry, probability & statistics, calculus)
      • Support for Exact Speech (set in MathType)
  • Internet Explorer 9 compatibility. Not all features are implemented in IE10 because of IE10 bugs. Unfortunately we can't support MathPlayer on Windows 8 because IE10 is required.
  • Advanced MathML 3 support
    • Linebreaking & Indentation. Allows precise control over linebreaking and indentation.
    • Elementary math. Create and display addition problem with carries, Long division that shows the steps and other elementary math problems that were anything but elementary in previous versions of MathML.
    • Basic right-to-left support for languages such as Arabic
  • Many minor bug fixes: Nobody likes bugs in their software (even minor ones) so we've crushed 'em!

Changes in MathPlayer 2.2

MathPlayer 2.2 (released February 2010) is an upgrade and includes the following:

  • Significantly improved font handling and rendering:
    • Improved support for STIX, Cambria, and other Unicode fonts.
    • Improvements for anti-aliased rendering.
    • Better protection against fonts that contain errors in their tables.
    • More characters are displayed.
  • Improved performance when Internet Explorer's zoom is not 100%.
  • Improved compatibility with ASCIIMathML.
  • Fixed bugs with content MathML (handling of <sep/>, "Copy MathML")

Changes in MathPlayer 2.1d

MathPlayer 2.1d (released September 2008) is a minor upgrade and includes the following:

  • Fix to installer so that proper registry entries are created to launch MathPlayer for XHTML pages.
  • Fix installation problem when there are more than 99 MathPlayer installation log files present.
  • Fix some problems with handling of content MathML.
  • Fix for some letters not printing correctly.
  • Fix synchronized highlighting for MathZoomed expressions.

Changes in MathPlayer 2.1b

MathPlayer 2.1b (released May 2007) is a minor upgrade and includes the following:

  • Fix installation problem on some systems dealing with read only files.
  • Smaller download size
  • Removed "application/xhtml+xml" registry entries which were wrongly added by some versions of MathPlayer 2.1 beta.
  • Menclose correctly interprets the meanings for the notation attribute values 'updiagonalstrike' and 'downdiagonalstrike'.

Changes in MathPlayer 2.1a

MathPlayer 2.1a (released April 2007) is a minor upgrade and includes the following:

  • Resolved installation issues under Windows Vista.
  • Resolved version check issues under Windows Vista.
  • Fixed bug in spacing added between tokens introduced in 2.1

Changes in MathPlayer 2.1

MathPlayer 2.1 (released January 2007) is a minor upgrade and includes the following:

  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, including support for Internet Explorer's security framework, Manage Add-ons feature, and Zoom feature.
  • Speak Expression command now synchronously highlights the mathematics as it is spoken. Synchronized highlighting is a learning aid for all students, and has been shown to be particularly effective for people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.
  • Support for DotsPlus, a Braille math format for use with Tiger Braille printers.
  • Enhanced Clipboard Support. "Copy MathML to Clipboard" has been enhanced so that users can copy a MathML equation displayed by MathPlayer/Internet Explorer and paste it into Microsoft Office 2007, and other applications that support this new format for exchange of mathematics via the clipboard.
  • Better Unicode support. MathPlayer has improved font and character knowledge which enable it to display many more characters, including recent additions to Unicode, plane 1 characters, and characters in large Unicode fonts, such as Code 2000.
  • Expanded processing of XHTML documents, making it easier to publish web pages containing MathML that are compatible with other MathML-capable browsers. For documents served with MIME type application/xhtml+xml, MathPlayer will now process documents with a MathML namespace declaration on the <html> element, in addition to documents with an explicit MathML DOCTYPE declaration.
  • Support for combining characters, such as vowels with accents common in European languages. The support includes both composition of combining characters such as diacritic marks, as well as decomposing "ugly" pre-combined characters for rendering using better-looking, uncombined glyphs.
  • All attributes are supported for the MathML menclose element. The newly supported attributes are: box, roundedbox, circle, left, right, top, bottom, updiagonalstrike, downdiagonalstrike, verticalstrike, horizontalstrike.
  • Enhanced PostScript printing support.
  • Application developers should inquire at for information on adding support for MathPlayer to their software.

Changes in MathPlayer 2.0b

MathPlayer 2.0b (released September 2004) is a minor upgrade and includes the following:

  • Improvements to the MathPlayer installer
  • Better handling of XHTML pages
  • Improved Windows XP SP-2 compatibility

Changes in MathPlayer 2.0a

MathPlayer 2.0a (released April 2004) is a minor upgrade and includes the following:

  • Improved speech compatibility with certain screen readers.
  • Fixed behavior of links within a maction MathML tag.
  • Fixed IE crash when navigating after using the Copy MathML command.
  • Improvements in equation display.

Changes in MathPlayer 2.0

MathPlayer 2.0 (released March 2004) is a major upgrade with several important new features not available in previous versions:

  • Improved support for browser-independent MathML via XHTML, eliminating the need for a special stylesheet.
  • MathZoom™ to make viewing small primes, hats, and scripts easier. more>
  • Speak Expression command that speaks the equation through your computer's sound system. more>
  • Many small enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Now requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and later (5.5 is no longer supported). Click here to get Internet Explorer 6.

As with earlier versions, MathPlayer 2.1 is a free download. We strongly encourage you to stay up-to-date with the latest version of MathPlayer. Please visit the MathPlayer Download Page to obtain MathPlayer 2.1.

We also encourage you to visit the MathPlayer home page even if you've been there before. We have added a lot of new material, including updated information on authoring your own MathML-based web pages and web sites, information on our research efforts to make math accessible to visually impaired users and to make math searchable.

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