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MathType's Fonts

The following table lists MathType’s fonts. We’ve also listed Symbol although this font is only installed by MathType on Mac (MathType for Windows uses the Symbol font built into Windows). MathType's fonts are supplied in both TrueType and PostScript Type 1 format.

Name Style Encoding PostScript name
Symbol plain Symbol Symbol
MT Extra plain MTExtra MT-Extra
Euclid Symbol plain Symbol EuclidSymbol
italic EuclidSymbol-Italic
bold EuclidSymbol-Bold
bold-italic EuclidSymbol-BoldItalic
Euclid plain WinANSI/MacRoman Euclid
italic Euclid-Italic
bold Euclid-Bold
bold-italic Euclid-BoldItalic
Euclid Extra plain MTExtra EuclidExtra
bold EuclidExtra-Bold
Euclid Fraktur plain EuclidFraktur EuclidFraktur
bold EuclidFraktur-Bold
Euclid Math One plain EuclidMath1 EuclidMathOne
bold EuclidMathOne-Bold
Euclid Math Two plain EuclidMath2 EuclidMathTwo
bold EuclidMathTwo-Bold

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