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MathType vs. Equation Editor

This table gives you a short summary of the differences between MathType and Equation Editor. To find out more about a specific feature, just click on the feature description. Or, if you want to view the detailed feature list right away, click here.

Feature MathType Equation
Number of math symbols and templates 500+ 275
Creates great-looking math web pages Yes No
Customizable equation toolbars Yes No
Color with CMYK, RGB and spot color support Yes No
Automatically change spacing, font size and style of equations in MS Word docs Yes No
Equation numbering and referencing in MS Word Automatic Manual
Customizable keyboard shortcuts Yes No
TeX, LaTeX, AMS-TeX, AMS-LaTeX output Yes No
MathML 1.0 & 2.0 output Yes No
Euclid math font set Yes No
Batch export of equations in MS Word doc to GIF, EPS, WMF (Windows version), & PICT files (Mac version) Yes No
Save equations as GIF files with or without anti-aliasing Yes No
Save equations as EPS files Yes No
Save font, style, and size settings in preference files Yes No
International character and keyboard support Yes Yes
Feature MathType Equation
Add/delete rows & columns to a matrix    Yes No
Unlimited undo and redo    Yes No
Unicode-based character descriptions Yes No
Formatting ruler with tab stops Yes No
Fence alignment controls Yes No
Customizable function recognition (sin, cos, etc.) Yes No
Toolbar size and workspace controls Yes No
Programmable translators for custom SGML/XML solutions Yes No
DLL interface for special tasks Yes No
Hierarchical view of equation structure Yes No
Online help file Extensive Yes
User manual (printed and PDF) Yes No
Technical support Yes ???

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