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What's New in MathType 5.1 for Macintosh

MathType 5.1 for Macintosh supports Microsoft Office 2004 and also contains several improvements and bug fixes. We recommend upgrading to 5.1 even if you do not use Office 2004. MathType 5.1 is free to all licensed users of MathType 5.0. Your 5.0 registration number will work in 5.1.

Major New Features and Improvements

  • Fully compatible with Office 2004, including the Office 2004 30-day Test Drive.

  • Updated the Symbol font to address issues with certain applications (Office 2004, FontBook, Keynote, Curvus Pro X) (fixed in version 5.0a).

  • Word commands now always function properly on non-US systems (fixed in version 5.0a).

  • MathType 5.1 can now open EPS files containing TIFF and WMF previews created by MathType for Windows.

  • MathType's Symbol and MT Extra fonts now support bold/italic printing on OS 9 and in EPS files.

  • The Insert Inline Equation and Convert Equations commands in Word now work properly in Word's Outline view.

  • The Export to MathPage command in Word now handles colored symbols, equation borders and equation background colors properly.

  • The Page Up and Page Down keys now work properly in MathType.

How to Upgrade from MathType 5.0

  • Registered users of MathType 5.0 do not need to purchase MathType 5.1, it's available for download free of charge. If you prefer to have MathType 5.1 on CD, it's available for a nominal charge by contacting our Sales dept at the phone number below.
  • Click the Download link below to start downloading MathType 5.1. If your browser asks you to Open or Save, choose Save and choose a location on your computer. When the download has completed, run the file you downloaded. You do not need to remove MathType 5.0 before installing 5.1.
    Note: Your 5.0 registration number will work in 5.1, but if you have previously entered your 5.0 number you will not need to enter it again when upgrading to 5.1.

    Download MathType 5.1 for Macintosh (.bin)

    Download MathType 5.1 for Macintosh (.hqx) - better for older browsers

How to Upgrade from MathType 3.7 and earlier

  • Registered users of MathType 3.7 and earlier can purchase the MathType 5.1 for Mac upgrade for a special low price. Visit our online store or call 800-827-0685 for current prices and to order your upgrade, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm, Pacific Time (GMT –8).

Visit our store for current prices or to purchase online:

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