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With MathType you can insert equations into iBooks Author by using the Insert Equation command. Editing an equation is easy -- just double-click.

iBooks Author is a Mac app that allows you to create ebooks for the iPad or for Mac OS X Mavericks. Inserting equations into iBooks Author is very convenient because of its integration with MathType.

With MathType and iBooks Author you can:

Step-by-step instructions:

Add an equation to iBooks Author

Edit equations in iBooks Author

When you need to edit an equation in an iBooks Author document, if you've inserted the equation as above, just double-click it and it will open in the MathType window (provided the iBooks Author Preferences are set to edit equations in MathType as described above). Make changes to the equation, then close the MathType window to update the equation in the document. Note: If you've used drag & drop to place the equation into the book, you should still be able to double-click to edit it, but the resulting equation will still be "floating".

Copy content with equations from Apple Pages

Select a block of text and equations in your Pages document, then copy it and paste it into iBooks Author. The equations will still be properly aligned with the text, and if you double-click an equation you'll be able to edit it in MathType. You cannot edit such equations in iBA's equation editing window.

Note: If you use the Insert Chapter from Pages or Word document command in iBooks, rather than copy & paste the text as above, you can insert a full Pages document (not a portion of it, as above). This will insert as a chapter, a section, or other document element in iBooks Author. Depending on the template you're using in iBooks Author, you may have to double-click every equation and change its formatting to match the iBook text. The easiest way to get from Pages to iBooks Author is to follow the copy & paste process described above. We do not recommend using Microsoft Word documents for this process -- even copy & paste from Word will produce unsatisfactory results.

Giving feedback to Apple

While Apple must be applauded for supporting MathType in iBooks, there are still missing features that would be helpful to many MathType users: equation numbering and better compatibility with Microsoft Office, for example. Apple has provided a feedback mechanism for reporting issues and requesting enhancements. We encourage you to take advantage of this. While Design Science works with Apple on making MathType work well with iBooks Author, Apple prefers to hear from its customers and bases its development priorities on what its customers say.


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