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File: /ImplementationSpecific/Characters/k.html
Author: MathML 2 Recommendation
Description: condensed test of entities starting with k
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kappa κ κ κ
kappav ϰ ϰ ϰ
Kcedil Ķ Ķ Ķ
kcedil ķ ķ ķ
Kcy К К К
kcy к к к
kfr 𝔨 𝔨 𝔨
Kfr 𝔎 𝔎 𝔎
kgreen ĸ ĸ ĸ
khcy х х х
KHcy Х Х Х
KJcy Ќ Ќ Ќ
kjcy ќ ќ ќ
kopf 𝕜 𝕜 𝕜
Kopf 𝕂 𝕂 𝕂
kscr 𝓀 𝓀 𝓀
Kscr 𝒦 𝒦 𝒦

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