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File: /ImplementationSpecific/Characters/x.html
Author: MathML 2 Recommendation
Description: condensed test of entities starting with x
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xcap β‹‚
xcirc β—―
xcup ⋃
xdtri β–½
xfr 𝔵 𝔵 𝔡
Xfr 𝔛 𝔛 𝔛
xharr N/A ⟷
xhArr N/A ⟺
xi ξ ξ ΞΎ
xlarr N/A ⟡
xlArr N/A ⟸
xmap N/A ⟼
xnis β‹»
xodot βŠ™
Xopf 𝕏 𝕏 𝕏
xopf 𝕩 𝕩 𝕩
xoplus βŠ•
xotime βŠ—
xrarr N/A ⟢
xrArr N/A ⟹
xscr 𝓍 𝓍 𝓍
Xscr 𝒳 𝒳 𝒳
xsqcup βŠ”
xuplus ⊎
xutri β–³
xvee ⋁
xwedge β‹€

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