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MathML Entity References

Most of the MathML entities that WebEQ recognizes are nearly identical to the WebTeX symbols: To write a WebTeX symbol such as \alpha in a form used by MathML, remove the initial backslash and add an ampersand to the beginning and a semi-colon to the end of the word. Thus, \alpha becomes α

A few more examples are

WebTeX MathML
\Beta Β
\Leftarrow ⇐
\therefore ∴
\thicksp &thicksp;

The names of the rest of the symbols can be found in the WebTeX documentation.

Characters from the Blackboard Bold, Calligraphic, and Fraktur fonts may be specified as follows:

Blackboard Bold &Bbb_A;       &Bbb_B;       &Bbb_C;     ...
Calligraphic &Cal_A;       &Cal_B;       &Cal_C;     ...
Fraktur Upper Case &frak_A;     &frak_B;     &frak_C;   ...
Fraktur Lower Case &frak_a;     &frak_b;     &frak_c;   ...

Note that the Blackboard Bold and Calligraphic fonts only contain upper-case letters.

Some entities in MathML have alternate names besides those that correspond to WebTeX. These synonyms are listed below.

↪ &hkarrow;
⇒ &implies;
→ &to;
⟵ &llarrow;
⟶ &lrarrow;
⇔ ⟺
ċ ·
⊥ ⊥
± ±
&qed; ▪
&backslash; ∖
​ ⁡
&negsp; ​
&!; ​

The Greek letters also have SGML names:

α &agr;
β &bgr;
δ &dgr;
ε &egr;
η &eegr;
γ &ggr;
κ &kgr;
λ &lgr;
μ &mgr;
ω &ohgr;
φ &phgr;
π &pgr;
ψ &psgr;
ρ &rgr;
σ &sgr;
τ &tgr;
θ &thgr;
ξ &xgr;
ζ &zgr;
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