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Using a different numbering scheme in a document's appendix than in the chapters

Applies to:

  MathType 6 and later for Windows
MathType 6 and later for Mac
Microsoft Word for Windows & Mac
(except Word 2008 and 2016 for Mac)


You're writing your thesis and are using MathType's equation numbering. You want the equation numbers and references to include the chapter number. Your chapter numbers are sequential numerals from 1 to 68 except for the appendices, which are upper case alphabet characters. MathType's numbering does not allow you to change from Chapter 68 to Appendix A for the equation numbering.


MathType's equation numbering uses Word's "fields" to automatically update the numbers and references when equation numbers are added. MathType provides an "Update" button to update the numbers and references when individual equation numbers are deleted. You can format these numbers according to your needs:

default settings for MathType's equation numbers

Setting up the numbering for the document

Since you want chapter numbers in your thesis, we'll click to select the Chapter Number box and likewise de-select Section Number:

Pretty straightforward. When you insert your first numbered equation you'll see a dialog like this:

setting initial equation chapter and section number

Since our document doesn't have any equations in Chapter 1, we're starting ours with Chapter 2. Set yours to whatever the document requires. We don't have numbered sections in our document, so it doesn't matter what number is in the section number box (yet).

At the beginning of each chapter (or if not at the beginning, certainly before the first numbered equation), insert a chapter break:

insert next MathType chapter break

Note that the document's chapter breaks and the equation chapter breaks do not have to occur at the exact same point. It is important though, to insert a new chapter break even if the chapter does not have any equations. If you forget to do this, it's OK. Just go back to a point in the chapter you missed, and add a break there.

Now we're at the Appendix

To change the equation number formatting in the Appendix, you can wait until the Appendix is complete, but you don’t have to. All you need is to have at least one numbered equation. However many equations you have in the Appendix though, select them all. Your selection should cover all equations and equation numbers in the Appendix, and all text in-between. (Remember, the numbers will currently be numbered according to the next chapter in sequence. In the case of our example, the final chapter was 68, so the first equation in the Appendix should be (69.1). Don't forget to add the chapter break.) It will look something like this:

select all equations and equation numbers in the appendix

After you make the selection, go back to Format Equation Numbers and choose to number with NO chapter number, and ONLY section and equation numbers. Set the Section Number format to A, B, C. Also set it to use this format for "new equation numbers" and "current selection":

redefine the equation number format in the appendix

At this point, you've got your document set up the way you want it. You can even add a second appendix -- Appendix B -- and equations and references at any point in the document.

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