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TechNote #175: Last modified: 10/05/2017

Tweaking MathType's appearance on high resolution monitors

The information in this document applies to:


  • MathType 6.x for Windows
  • Windows 8 and later


You've upgraded to a 4K monitor and now MathType's toolbars all have a blurry appearance, and even at a Small toolbar size (Preferences > Workspace Preferences) it's too large.


In order to provide an optimal experience on high-DPI displays, MathType must detect the DPI of the display that is being used and then scale its toolbars, text, and screen layout appropriately. Since it's not yet equipped to handle resolution of 4K monitors, it applies "display scaling", which fills in the gaps between pixels with in-between shades -- in this case, something between the gray background of MathType's palette buttons, and the black color of the symbols.

Here's a comparison. The 2 buttons on top are from MathType's symbol palette, with a Medium toolbar size selected in Workspace Preferences and displayed on an HD monitor (1920x1080). The button on bottom is with a Small toolbar size selected, and MathType displayed on a 4K monitor (3840x2160).

Comparison of MathType's palette buttons on HD and 4K monitors.

Here's a closer view of the "less than or equal to" symbol from those buttons, with both at the same scale:

Zoomed-in comparison of the 2 displays

At this scale, it's easy to see the anti-aliasing applied to the one on the right. These are the "in-between shades" mentioned above. (The one on the right is more vertically "opened" than the one on the left because of the scaling MathType also applies when switching between toolbar sizes in Workspace Preferences. This is not a factor in the fuzzy look we're describing here.)


To resolve the fuzzy appearance and restore MathType to its original sharp appearance, do this:

  1. Navigate to this path:
    C:\Program Files(x86)\MathType\
  2. In the MathType folder, right-click the MathType.exe icon, and select Properties.
  3. Select the Compatibility tab, then check the box labeled Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.
  4. Click Apply and then OK.

We hope this has been helpful. As always, please let us know if you have questions about this, or if you have additional techniques that work. We'd love to hear from you.

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