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MathDaisy Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is MathDaisy?

MathDaisy is an add-in that works with the Daisy Consortium's Pipeline software. It is needed by any application that uses the Daisy Pipeline to produce a full Daisy book that contains math. This includes Microsoft's Save As DAISY as well as Odt2dtbook (OpenOffice export to DAISY DTBook) options. MathDaisy does its job silently in the background and requires no interaction on the part of the user.

What else do I need to produce accessible documents from Word that contain math?

To use MathDaisy with Microsoft Word to produce accessible documents, you should also have installed:

  • Microsoft Word XP or 2003 or Word 2007.
  • Microsoft's Save as Daisy add-in for Word (free download).
  • MathType 6.5 or later for equation conversion (purchase or free 30-day trial)

Is there a Mac Version of MathDaisy?

No. MathDaisy only works with Microsoft's Save As DAISY add-in for Microsoft Word and that is only available for Windows.

I've downloaded MathDaisy, how do I run it?

MathDaisy is run by Save as DAISY and by the DAISY Pipeline. If you are using Word, run Save As DAISY. If you aren't using Word, create the DAISY XML file and run the pipeline. For more detailed instructions on Microsoft Save as DAISY or the DAISY Pipeline follow the appropriate link below:

Where is the Save as DAISY command in Word?

Save as DAISY is another "Save" format. After you have installed Save as DAISY, it will appear as a separate "Save As" command. In Word 2007, you can find it by clicking on the Office button located at the top-left of the Word Ribbon and choose "Save as DAISY." In Word 2003 and Word XP, you can find it by clicking on the File menu and choose "Save as DAISY."

Why can't I see the Save as DAISY menu item in Word?

In Word 2007, if the Save as DAISY command isn't in the Office menu, check the Add-ins tab. If it's not in either, it may be you do not have Microsoft Save as DAISY add-in installed or it's not configured correctly. For information on getting the Save as DAISY add-in or for help using it visit

I installed the trial version, now how to I unlock it?

Once you've purchased and received your product key go to your Start menu/All Programs/MathDaisy and choose "Unlock and Register MathDaisy 1.0". This will open the "Unlock" dialog. Simply fill in the blanks with your name and product key and click OK.

Why do I see a gray background?

MathDaisy has a 30 day trial period. When that period expires, MathDaisy produces a gray background. To restore MathDaisy's full functionality, you must purchase a license and register the copy. A license can be purchased at the Design Science Store.

Why do I see alt text that says "Invalid MathDaisy License"?

MathDaisy has a 30 day trial period. When that period expires, MathDaisy will not generate usable alt text. To restore MathDaisy's full functionality, you must purchase a license and unlock MathDaisy. A license can be purchased at the Design Science Store.

How do I install MathDaisy?

You must already have an installed copy of Microsoft Word. Then you can install Save As DAISY, MathDaisy, and MathType in any order. When you download MathDaisy, your browser will offer to Run or Save it to your hard disk. Choose Run to install. If you choose Save, you can run it later from wherever you saved it. Simply follow the installer's instructions.

Can I install MathDaisy on my work computer and my home computer?

Yes, if you purchase a copy of MathDaisy, you can install it on all of your computers as long as you use it on only one of them at a time. Installing it on your office computer and your laptop is allowed—installing it on your friend's or coworker's computer is not.

Can I download MathDaisy again if I need to reinstall it?

Yes. MathDaisy downloads are easily available on our website at

Can MathDaisy write alt text in a language other than English?

At this time, English is the only language supported. If you have need for support in a specific language, please let us know by writing to

What if I want a larger or smaller picture (or different colors, fonts, etc.)?

The MathFlow Document Composer is a more powerful tool that can be used in place of MathDaisy, and provides control over sizes, colors, fonts and a number of other options. Our MathFlow product line provides a variety of software components for editing and composing mathematics. To learn more about MathFlow please visit our MathFlow product pages.

How do I add math to a Microsoft Word document so it works with DAISY?

MathDaisy will work with Equation Editor and MathType equations, as well as those created using the Microsoft Word 2007 equation feature. Of course, we recommend MathType for consistent results and all of its advanced features. To learn about MathType visit our MathType Product Page.

What Save as DAISY option should I choose?

To generate a DAISY Book from your document, use the Save As DAISY command on the File Menu (or from the Accessibility Ribbon that Save As DAISY adds to Word 2007). You will be presented with a choice of four options:

  • DAISY XML (from a single .doc/.docx)
  • Full DAISY (from a single .doc/.docx)
  • DAISY XML (from multiple .doc/.docx)
  • Full DAISY (from multiple .doc/.docs)

Ordinarily, you will want to choose Full DAISY (from single .doc/.docx). The Full DAISY options require MathDaisy and produce complete DAISY books, while the DAISY XML options do not use MathDaisy and produce a single XML file which must be processed further to be turned into a DAISY book. See the Save As Daisy Help file for more information.

Why aren't equations being spoken?

If an equation isn't spoken when the DAISY book is played, it is likely that MathType 6.5 or later was not installed on the machine that produced the DAISY book. Install MathType 6.5 (or later) and regenerate the DAISY book. You can learn about getting MathType here.

How do I read a DAISY file?

To read a DAISY file (called a DAISY Book) produced by MathDaisy and Save As DAISY, you need a MathPlayer-enabled DAISY player. A list of players can be found at The gh Player 2.2 and EasyReader are known to work with mathematical content. If you're not sure if your player supports math, check with your vendor and ask if they support math in their player.

What do I do if Save As DAISY or DAISY Pipeline says there's an error?

Since MathDaisy is an add-in it is likely that any error message would be to indicate that the host application (like the DAISY Pipeline or the Save as DAISY add-in) cannot find the installation of MathDaisy. In this case we recommend that you remove MathDaisy and reinstall it. If you need to download the MathDaisy installer you can do so from our download page. Remember, a product key is not required to download or install the software. One is only needed to unlock or register the product. If there are other errors, we suggest emailing our Technical Support professionals for assistance.

Other errors that are not specifically related to math should be addressed by looking to the documentation for the product you are using (Save As DAISY or DAISY Pipeline)

Where do I get a DAISY Player that displays math?

You need a MathPlayer-enabled DAISY player. This is a software application running on either a personal computer or dedicated ebook reader that reads a DAISY file (DAISY Book) and presents the content to the user. It needs to be MathPlayer-enabled in order to read the math properly. Please check the Which DAISY player works best? section of our DAISY for Students page for a list of compatible players or check with AT vendors directly.

How do I contact Technical Support for MathDaisy?

MathDaisy technical support is free. Contact our technical support team by calling
+1 (562) 432-2920, Monday through Friday from  8 AM - 5 PM Pacific, GMT - 8:00. , or email

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