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MathPlayer 3.0 Preview 1: Known Issues

MathPlayer 3.0 is available as a preview release for you to try before its official release. While we have tested it and found it to be stable, it is not an official release and should not be distributed as such. To learn more about this release or to download MathPlayer 3.0 Preview 1, please visit MathPlayer Download and Installation.

This page lists known issues with MathPlayer 3.0. If you encounter bugs, please consult the list below and if yours isn't listed, we encourage you to email us at and let us know.

General Issues:

  • There are no known general issues at this time.

Accessibility Issues:

  • There is a problem with XHTML pages, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, and assistive technology such as JAWS and Window-Eyes. We are working with the Internet Explorer team to identify the cause of the problem and recommend you avoid upgrading to Internet Explorer 9 in the meantime. If you have already upgraded, you can roll back to Internet Explorer 8 after removing Internet Explorer 9.
  • In MathPlayer 3.0 you can set the speech style, target group and subject area. These are set via a MathPlayer context menu that can be invoked when the mouse is over an equation. For some AT users, it is difficult to access this menu. The final release will move this functionality to a control panel so that it is easier for those AT users to access and set this functionality.

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