IE 6.0 Table Bug Demo Page

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate a bug in Internet Explorer 6.0 with the sizing of tables containing MathPlayer objects. Below is a table with two elements. The top element contains a GIF image and the bottom element contains a MathPlayer object which should be wider than the top element.

A really long, long, long equation.

To demonstrate the bug, first make sure this window is wider than the table if it isn't already. Now resize this window, gradually making it narrower. Notice that when the window edge reaches the right edge of the table, the table starts getting narrower as well, cutting off the right end of the equation. Continue making the window narrower until it reaches the edge of the image. Notice that the window's horizontal scroll bar appears.

When the window edge reached the edge of the equation, the table should have stopped getting narrower and the scroll bar should have appeared, just as it did with the image.