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MathType Support

This section contains a wealth of information for users of MathType. Here you will find information to help you solve many problems you may be having, as well as interesting tips to let you get more out of MathType.

Getting Help

There are many options for obtaining MathType technical support from online documentation to email. You need your product key to receive free technical support, here's how to find it.


To find out about the latest versions of MathType, click on the links below.

To order an upgrade, visit our online store. You will need to find the product key for the product you already own to qualify for an upgrade.


  • MathType: These downloads are for MathType customers only. A product key is only required to successfully install and use the software, but not to download.
  • MathType for Windows Font Installers: These fonts are provided for Windows users to print and view documents that include MathType equations. However, we strongly recommend you encourage your colleagues who use Equation Editor to download and install the free, fully functional, 30-day trial of MathType.

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks are short articles that help you fine-tune your MathType skills. Whether it's learning how to use MathType in a particular workflow situation, or using it with another software application, each Tips & Tricks article focuses on one skill or task to be performed. If you need general instruction in how to use MathType on a broader scale, we recommend checking our MathType Works With... section.

Technical Notices

Looking for answers to support questions? We have multiple ways to find the answers you need about MathType. Start by visiting our Top-ten Technical Support Notices.  If you don't find your answers there, try our TechNote Wizard to find answers based on specific issues. Or you can browse all of our TechNotes.

MathType Works With...

MathType works with more than 800 applications and web sites. For the most part, if you can imagine putting equations in an application documents, there is likely to be a way to do it. Get specific help with hundreds of applications and web sites that work with MathType.

MathType Software Development Kit

The free MathType Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for developers who wish to explore the advanced functionality of MathType, such as the MathType DLL interface and our VBA-based Word commands. The MathType Software Development Kit description lists the SDK's contents and provides download information.

Product Registration

The easiest way to find out about new versions of our products is to register your copy with us. This way, we can let you know whenever we come out with a new release. If you've already registered and you've moved or changed your email address, you can update your registration information too. You need your product key to upgrade or receive free technical support; here are instructions on how to find it.

Future MathType

We are always hard at work in improving MathType and how it works for you. While we have our own ideas of what the future holds for MathType, we also want to know yours. Even if there is something you don't like. Please take a moment and let us know what you think by taking a brief survey. It'll take only a few minutes of your time but will go a long way in making MathType all it can be. Click here to take the survey.

License Agreements

Your MathType license agreement spells out what you can legally do with our software products.

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