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164. When using Toggle TeX, sometimes inline equations become display equations
163. Equations in documents submitted for publication have missing or substituted symbols
162. Equations created on Windows have irregular spacing when viewed on Mac or in a PDF
161. Equations in Keynote are fuzzy when viewed in iCloud
160. Equations are scrambled in Microsoft Visio
159. Phi symbol is changed to a different symbol when equation is opened in MathType
158. Display equations and equation numbers are out of position after re-configuring document
157. Equation chapter & section breaks are visible in red type
156. Can't change the font of a MathType equation number
155. Error: "Problem sending your equation preferences…"
154. Unexplained spacing issues in matrices and piecewise functions
153. Error message: "The linked file is not available"
152. MathPages with MathML do not display math in Internet Explorer 11
151. Top and bottom of equations are cut off in Word
150. Equations are randomly re-sized in Word
149. MathType equations are pasted as pictures from the Office Clipboard
148. MathType: Using MathPage with MathML from Word 2007
147. MathType: GIFs do not retain their DPI properties
146. MathType: Pages 5.0, Keynote 6.0, & Numbers 3.0 appear not to work with MathType
145. MathType: CJK and special characters garbled or missing in InDesign
144. MathType: Can't group equations with Microsoft Word drawings
143. MathType: An extra space is inserted after inline equations
140. Mac Office 2011: Equation Editor opens instead of MathType
139. Equations on animated PowerPoint slides are low quality images
138. MathType commands not available in Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit
137. "An error occurred starting MathType's Commands for Word. Please re-install MathType."
136. "MathType Preferences Problem" when inserting equations into Microsoft Word
135. Microsoft Word: AutoExecCLS or UIRibbonCLS Error
133. MathType Toolbar/Tab has disappeared from Microsoft Word
129. Inline MathType equations appear raised above the baseline in Microsoft Word
128. Launching MathType from iWork 09 applications using keyboard shortcuts
127. Setting default font preferences for MathType in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers
122. Installing MathType on Macintosh OS X with Multiple User Accounts for Use with Microsoft Office
120. MathType Warning Message appears when system does not contain a particular font
119. How to disable PostScript Comments on Macintosh PICT files
118. Using MathType to Create Hard Copy Large Print Math Materials
117. Locating Symbols not found in MathType Symbol Palettes
115. Problems printing PowerPoint files containing MathType Equations on Macintosh
114. Controlling the Symbol font used when creating EPS files
112. Guide for Physically Disabled and Low Vision Users
110. Problems using MathType symbolic fonts in Microsoft Office for Mac
103. Equations have become "pictures" after an Autorecovery in Microsoft Word
102. "Server application, source file, or item canít be found" error
97. Removing or Disabling MathType Commands in Word
91. Copying and Moving MathPage Documents
89. Editing a MathPage Document in a Web Editor
84. "MathType Requires a Newer Version of MT Extra" Warning Message
77. Equations Are Printed with Characters Omitted, Clipped, or Substituted
75. Microsoft Word Takes Longer to Launch after Installing MathType
74. Equations Are Displayed as Empty or Shaded Boxes in Microsoft Word 
73. Equations Are Displayed as { EMBED.Equation } in Microsoft Word
69. Using MathType with Adobe Acrobat to Create PDF Files
68. Publishing Documents Containing Equations on the Web
64. "The Disk is Full or Too Many Files Are Open" Error Message in Microsoft Word
56. Using MathType With Corel WordPerfect
50. Sharing Documents Containing MathType Equations
43. Transferring Documents Between Windows and macOS

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