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TechNotes for older version Design Science products

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170. Intego VirusBarrier Erroneously Reports "W97M/Generic" Infection in MathType 6.7
148. MathType: Using MathPage with MathML from Word 2007
142. MathType installer won't open on Macintosh OS X
141. Mac iBooks Author: Setting default font preferences for MathType
139. Equations on animated PowerPoint slides are low quality images
134. Microsoft Word 2007: UIRibbonCLS error
132. Some characters from the Symbol font family are omitted when saving equations, or exporting as EPS and placing into Adobe InDesign
131. Copy and Paste or drag and drop from MathType to Promethean ActivInspire produces blank placeholders
130. Copy and Paste from MathType to Apple iWork produces oversized images
128. Launching MathType from Pages, Keynote, and Numbers using keyboard shortcuts
126. Characters are substituted when using MathType on Mac OS X10.5 Leopard
125. MathType commands and menus are missing in Microsoft Word 2008
124. Creating a Quick Access Toolbar button in Word 2007 to open Equation Editor
119. How to disable PostScript Comments on Macintosh PICT files
116. Using MathType with Apple's Pages for Macintosh
113. "No Equations Found and/or Updated" in Microsoft Word
109. Problems using symbol characters from PostScript fonts in Macintosh OS X
108. Resolving Issues Using the MathType 5 Commands for Microsoft Word for Macintosh
107. "Compile Error in Hidden Module: MTLib" message in Microsoft Office X after installing MathType
105. Microsoft Word crashes when saving documents containing MathType equations
100. Resolving Issues Using the MathType 3.x Commands for Microsoft Word for Mac
99. Resolving Issues Using the MathType Commands for Microsoft Word for Windows
98. Advanced Microsoft Word Features Disabled When MathType Installed
96. Using MathType 3.x with Macintosh OS X
93. MathType 5.0 Guide for IS Professionals
92. MathType 4.0 Guide for IS Professionals
86. Using MathType 4 for Windows with Microsoft Office XP
85. Converting Documents between Applications
83. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 2000 Display Graphics Slowly
79. MathType found to "Appear Incompatible" by Alsoft DiskWarrior
78. Keyboard Shortcuts Fail under Mac OS 8.5 and Later
76. "The Symbol Font Is Unavailable" Error Message
75. Microsoft Word Takes Longer to Launch after Installing MathType
72. "Compile Error in Hidden Module: AutoExec" or "MTLib" Error Message in Microsoft Word
71. Microsoft Works 4.x Displays Equations from MathType 3.5 and Earlier Incorrectly
70. CTL3DV2.DLL Error while Installing MathType 3.5 in Windows NT
67. "Word Cannot Edit the MathType Equation 3.6" Error Message
66. Greek Characters Clipped when Printing from Microsoft Office 97 under Windows NT
65. Mouse Pointer Disappears over MathType 3.x Window
63. "Out of memory" Microsoft Visual Basic Error After Upgrading Microsoft Word
62. Norton AntiVirus Erroneously Reports "Bloodhound" Virus in MathType 3.5
61. "Illegal Operation (Invalid page fault)" Error Message in Microsoft Equation 3.0
60. No Program Group or Icons in MathType 3.5
59. "Error #1264" Error when Inserting an Equation
58. Installing MathType 3.5 Macros into Microsoft Word 97 and 2000
57. "Error #5941" Error when Installing MathType 3.5 Macros
54. Installing MathType 3.1 Macros into Microsoft Word 97 for Windows
53. Using MathType 3.1 with Microsoft Word 97 for Windows
52. Wrong Characters Displayed in Equations in Editor Window
51. Using MathType with Corel WordPerfect 7.0
49. Advanced Equation Numbering in Microsoft Word
48. MathType 3.x Macro Localizations for German Versions of Microsoft Word
47. "The TrueType Symbol Font in the Font Suitcase 'Symbol' in the Fonts folder is not MathType's" Error Message
46. Using MathType with DeltaGraph 4.0
45. Using MathType with WordPro 96 for Windows 95
42. "MathType Setup Can't Personalize x:\install.exe" Error Message when Installing MathType 3.1
41. Using MathType 3.0 with Windows 95 and PostScript printers
40. Using MathType 3.0 with Microsoft Word 95
39. Using MathType with ClarisWorks 4.0 for Macintosh
38. Windows NT and the MT Symbol Font
37. Arrows and Arcs over Two Characters
36. Using MathType with ClarisImpact 1.0 for Macintosh
35. Problems with MathType's Fences and MT Extra Fonts under Windows 3.1
34. Using MathType with Adobe PageMaker 5.0
33. Using MathType 3.1 with MacWrite Pro 1.5
32. Using MathType with Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0
31. Using MathType 3.1 with WordPerfect 3.1 for Mac
30. Using MathType 3.0 with WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows
29. Using MathType with Corel Ventura
28. Using MathType 3.0x with Microsoft Word 6.0 for Mac
27. MathType EPS Color Separations with QuarkXPress
26. Symbol Font Problems under Windows 3.1 with MathType 3.0
25. Using MathType 3.0x with Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows
24. HP LaserJet Printers, Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0, and MathType 3.0x
23. Using MathType 3.x with WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows
22. Functions Recognized by MathType 3.x for Macintosh
21. Extra Space under Large MathType 3.x Equations in Microsoft Word 2.0 for Windows
19. Using MathType 3.x with HP DeskJet Printers under Windows 3.1
18. TrueType Fonts Not Installed by Microsoft Word 2.0x for Windows
17. Installing MathType 1.1 Macros for Microsoft Word 2.0 for Windows
16. Pasting MathType 3.0 Equations As WMFs in Windows Applications
15. Small MathType 1.0 Equations in Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0
14. Printing MathType 1.0 Equations with Adobe PageMaker 4.2
12. Hewlett-Packard LaserJet II Softfont Problems with MathType 1.0 under Windows 3.11
11. Printing Problems with HP LaserJet 4 and MathType 1.x-3.0 under Windows 3.1
10. Printing Issues with MathType 1.0, Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0, and HP LaserJet 4
9. Using Equation Editor 1.x/2.x with Adobe Type Manager (ATM) 2.0 and Windows 3.1
8. Installing MathType 1.x-3.x Fonts for Adobe Type Manager (ATM) 2.0 under Windows 3.1
7. Font ID Problem between Two Macs
6. MathType EPS Color Separations with Adobe PageMaker and PrePrint
5. Errors with MathType 2.11 and Macintosh System 7
4. Using MathType 2.11 with Mac Write Pro 1.1
3. Using MathType 3.0x with WordPerfect for Windows 5.1
2. Using MathType 3.x with WordPerfect for Windows 5.2
1. Installing the MathType 3.x Macros into Non-English Versions of Microsoft Word

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