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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about your MathType End-User License Agreement

Can I use MathType at home and at work? Yes, as long as it is only used in one place at a time.
Can I use MathType on my portable computer as well as my home and office computers? Yes, as long as it is only used in one place at a time.
Can I install MathType on my network server for everyone in my department to use? Yes, however this requires a site license. See site licensing and volume pricing.
Can I install MathType on one computer at work that we all share? Sure, that’s OK because it is only being used on one computer at a time.
What do I do if I want to give my documents to a friend to view and print, but they don’t have MathType? A special viewer for MathType equations is not necessary. Please read our technical support notice titled Sharing Documents Containing MathType Equations which explains how you can send documents to friends and colleagues that don't have MathType.
If my school or department wants to use MathType, do they all have to buy copies? No, we have site license plans to accommodate such situations. See site licensing.

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