Mathematica5 Encoding

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Character Grid

Place the mouse pointer over a cell to see the MTCode (Unicode) value and description.

    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 
 00                                   00 
 10                                   10 
 20  0020: Space                                20 
 30                                   30 
 40    F100: Script capital A 212C: Script capital B F102: Script capital C F103: Script capital D 2130: Script capital E 2131: Script capital F F106: Script capital G 210B: Script capital H 2110: Script capital I F109: Script capital J F10A: Script capital K 2112: Script capital L 2133: Script capital M F10D: Script capital N F10E: Script capital O  40 
 50  2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol F110: Script capital Q 211B: Script capital R F112: Script capital S F113: Script capital T F114: Script capital U F115: Script capital V F116: Script capital W F117: Script capital X F118: Script capital Y F119: Script capital Z            50 
 60    F11A: Script small a F11B: Script small b F11C: Script small c F11D: Script small d 212F: Script small e F11F: Script small f 210A: Script small g F121: Script small h F122: Script small i F123: Script small j F124: Script small k 2113: Script small l F126: Script small m F127: Script small n 2134: Script small o  60 
 70  F129: Script small p F12A: Script small q F12B: Script small r F12C: Script small s F12D: Script small t F12E: Script small u F12F: Script small v F130: Script small w F131: Script small x F132: Script small y F133: Script small z 2113: Script small l          70 
 80      212D: Fraktur capital C F003: Fraktur capital D F004: Fraktur capital E F005: Fraktur capital F F006: Fraktur capital G 210C: Fraktur capital H 2111: Fraktur capital I F009: Fraktur capital J F00A: Fraktur capital K F00B: Fraktur capital L F00C: Fraktur capital M        80 
 90    211C: Fraktur capital R F012: Fraktur capital S F013: Fraktur capital T F014: Fraktur capital U F015: Fraktur capital V F016: Fraktur capital W F017: Fraktur capital X F018: Fraktur capital Y 2128: Fraktur capital Z F01A: Fraktur small a F01B: Fraktur small b F01C: Fraktur small c     F01F: Fraktur small f  90 
 A0  F020: Fraktur small g F021: Fraktur small h F022: Fraktur small i F023: Fraktur small j F024: Fraktur small k F025: Fraktur small l F026: Fraktur small m F027: Fraktur small n F028: Fraktur small o F029: Fraktur small p F02A: Fraktur small q F02B: Fraktur small r F02C: Fraktur small s F02D: Fraktur small t F02E: Fraktur small u F02F: Fraktur small v  A0 
 B0  F030: Fraktur small w F031: Fraktur small x F032: Fraktur small y F033: Fraktur small z F000: Fraktur capital A F001: Fraktur capital B F00D: Fraktur capital N F00E: Fraktur capital O F00F: Fraktur capital P F010: Fraktur capital Q F01D: Fraktur small d F01E: Fraktur small e F08A: Blackboard-bold capital K        B0 
 C0  F080: Blackboard-bold capital A F081: Blackboard-bold capital B 2102: Blackboard-bold capital C F083: Blackboard-bold capital D F084: Blackboard-bold capital E F085: Blackboard-bold capital F F086: Blackboard-bold capital G 210D: Blackboard-bold capital H F088: Blackboard-bold capital I F089: Blackboard-bold capital J   F08B: Blackboard-bold capital L F08C: Blackboard-bold capital M 2115: Blackboard-bold capital N F08E: Blackboard-bold capital O 2119: Blackboard-bold capital P  C0 
 D0  211A: Blackboard-bold capital Q 211D: Blackboard-bold capital R F092: Blackboard-bold capital S F093: Blackboard-bold capital T F094: Blackboard-bold capital U F095: Blackboard-bold capital V F096: Blackboard-bold capital W F097: Blackboard-bold capital X F098: Blackboard-bold capital Y 2124: Blackboard-bold capital Z F09A: Blackboard-bold small a F09B: Blackboard-bold small b F09C: Blackboard-bold small c F09D: Blackboard-bold small d F09E: Blackboard-bold small e F09F: Blackboard-bold small f  D0 
 E0  F0A0: Blackboard-bold small g F0A1: Blackboard-bold small h F0A2: Blackboard-bold small i F0A3: Blackboard-bold small j F0A4: Blackboard-bold small k F0A5: Blackboard-bold small l F0A6: Blackboard-bold small m F0A7: Blackboard-bold small n F0A8: Blackboard-bold small o F0A9: Blackboard-bold small p F0AA: Blackboard-bold small q F0AB: Blackboard-bold small r F0AC: Blackboard-bold small s F0AD: Blackboard-bold small t F0AE: Blackboard-bold small u F0AF: Blackboard-bold small v  E0 
 F0  F0B0: Blackboard-bold small w F0B1: Blackboard-bold small x F0B2: Blackboard-bold small y F0B3: Blackboard-bold small z 2115: Blackboard-bold capital N     2019: Right single quotation mark 2018: Left single quotation mark 201D: Right double quotation mark 201C: Left double quotation mark 25CB: White circle 25A1: White square 25B3: White up-pointing triangle      F0 
    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 

Character List

  20   0020  0020: Space   Space 
  41   F100  F100: Script capital A   Script capital A 
  42   212C  212C: Script capital B   Script capital B 
  43   F102  F102: Script capital C   Script capital C 
  44   F103  F103: Script capital D   Script capital D 
  45   2130  2130: Script capital E   Script capital E 
  46   2131  2131: Script capital F   Script capital F 
  47   F106  F106: Script capital G   Script capital G 
  48   210B  210B: Script capital H   Script capital H 
  49   2110  2110: Script capital I   Script capital I 
  4A   F109  F109: Script capital J   Script capital J 
  4B   F10A  F10A: Script capital K   Script capital K 
  4C   2112  2112: Script capital L   Script capital L 
  4D   2133  2133: Script capital M   Script capital M 
  4E   F10D  F10D: Script capital N   Script capital N 
  4F   F10E  F10E: Script capital O   Script capital O 
  50   2118  2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol   Weierstrass elliptic symbol 
  51   F110  F110: Script capital Q   Script capital Q 
  52   211B  211B: Script capital R   Script capital R 
  53   F112  F112: Script capital S   Script capital S 
  54   F113  F113: Script capital T   Script capital T 
  55   F114  F114: Script capital U   Script capital U 
  56   F115  F115: Script capital V   Script capital V 
  57   F116  F116: Script capital W   Script capital W 
  58   F117  F117: Script capital X   Script capital X 
  59   F118  F118: Script capital Y   Script capital Y 
  5A   F119  F119: Script capital Z   Script capital Z 
  61   F11A  F11A: Script small a   Script small a 
  62   F11B  F11B: Script small b   Script small b 
  63   F11C  F11C: Script small c   Script small c 
  64   F11D  F11D: Script small d   Script small d 
  65   212F  212F: Script small e   Script small e 
  66   F11F  F11F: Script small f   Script small f 
  67   210A  210A: Script small g   Script small g 
  68   F121  F121: Script small h   Script small h 
  69   F122  F122: Script small i   Script small i 
  6A   F123  F123: Script small j   Script small j 
  6B   F124  F124: Script small k   Script small k 
  6C   2113  2113: Script small l   Script small l 
  6D   F126  F126: Script small m   Script small m 
  6E   F127  F127: Script small n   Script small n 
  6F   2134  2134: Script small o   Script small o 
  70   F129  F129: Script small p   Script small p 
  71   F12A  F12A: Script small q   Script small q 
  72   F12B  F12B: Script small r   Script small r 
  73   F12C  F12C: Script small s   Script small s 
  74   F12D  F12D: Script small t   Script small t 
  75   F12E  F12E: Script small u   Script small u 
  76   F12F  F12F: Script small v   Script small v 
  77   F130  F130: Script small w   Script small w 
  78   F131  F131: Script small x   Script small x 
  79   F132  F132: Script small y   Script small y 
  7A   F133  F133: Script small z   Script small z 
  7B   2113  2113: Script small l   Script small l 
  82   212D  212D: Fraktur capital C   Fraktur capital C 
  83   F003  F003: Fraktur capital D   Fraktur capital D 
  84   F004  F004: Fraktur capital E   Fraktur capital E 
  85   F005  F005: Fraktur capital F   Fraktur capital F 
  86   F006  F006: Fraktur capital G   Fraktur capital G 
  87   210C  210C: Fraktur capital H   Fraktur capital H 
  88   2111  2111: Fraktur capital I   Fraktur capital I 
  89   F009  F009: Fraktur capital J   Fraktur capital J 
  8A   F00A  F00A: Fraktur capital K   Fraktur capital K 
  8B   F00B  F00B: Fraktur capital L   Fraktur capital L 
  8C   F00C  F00C: Fraktur capital M   Fraktur capital M 
  91   211C  211C: Fraktur capital R   Fraktur capital R 
  92   F012  F012: Fraktur capital S   Fraktur capital S 
  93   F013  F013: Fraktur capital T   Fraktur capital T 
  94   F014  F014: Fraktur capital U   Fraktur capital U 
  95   F015  F015: Fraktur capital V   Fraktur capital V 
  96   F016  F016: Fraktur capital W   Fraktur capital W 
  97   F017  F017: Fraktur capital X   Fraktur capital X 
  98   F018  F018: Fraktur capital Y   Fraktur capital Y 
  99   2128  2128: Fraktur capital Z   Fraktur capital Z 
  9A   F01A  F01A: Fraktur small a   Fraktur small a 
  9B   F01B  F01B: Fraktur small b   Fraktur small b 
  9C   F01C  F01C: Fraktur small c   Fraktur small c 
  9F   F01F  F01F: Fraktur small f   Fraktur small f 
  A0   F020  F020: Fraktur small g   Fraktur small g 
  A1   F021  F021: Fraktur small h   Fraktur small h 
  A2   F022  F022: Fraktur small i   Fraktur small i 
  A3   F023  F023: Fraktur small j   Fraktur small j 
  A4   F024  F024: Fraktur small k   Fraktur small k 
  A5   F025  F025: Fraktur small l   Fraktur small l 
  A6   F026  F026: Fraktur small m   Fraktur small m 
  A7   F027  F027: Fraktur small n   Fraktur small n 
  A8   F028  F028: Fraktur small o   Fraktur small o 
  A9   F029  F029: Fraktur small p   Fraktur small p 
  AA   F02A  F02A: Fraktur small q   Fraktur small q 
  AB   F02B  F02B: Fraktur small r   Fraktur small r 
  AC   F02C  F02C: Fraktur small s   Fraktur small s 
  AD   F02D  F02D: Fraktur small t   Fraktur small t 
  AE   F02E  F02E: Fraktur small u   Fraktur small u 
  AF   F02F  F02F: Fraktur small v   Fraktur small v 
  B0   F030  F030: Fraktur small w   Fraktur small w 
  B1   F031  F031: Fraktur small x   Fraktur small x 
  B2   F032  F032: Fraktur small y   Fraktur small y 
  B3   F033  F033: Fraktur small z   Fraktur small z 
  B4   F000  F000: Fraktur capital A   Fraktur capital A 
  B5   F001  F001: Fraktur capital B   Fraktur capital B 
  B6   F00D  F00D: Fraktur capital N   Fraktur capital N 
  B7   F00E  F00E: Fraktur capital O   Fraktur capital O 
  B8   F00F  F00F: Fraktur capital P   Fraktur capital P 
  B9   F010  F010: Fraktur capital Q   Fraktur capital Q 
  BA   F01D  F01D: Fraktur small d   Fraktur small d 
  BB   F01E  F01E: Fraktur small e   Fraktur small e 
  BC   F08A  F08A: Blackboard-bold capital K   Blackboard-bold capital K 
  C0   F080  F080: Blackboard-bold capital A   Blackboard-bold capital A 
  C1   F081  F081: Blackboard-bold capital B   Blackboard-bold capital B 
  C2   2102  2102: Blackboard-bold capital C   Blackboard-bold capital C 
  C3   F083  F083: Blackboard-bold capital D   Blackboard-bold capital D 
  C4   F084  F084: Blackboard-bold capital E   Blackboard-bold capital E 
  C5   F085  F085: Blackboard-bold capital F   Blackboard-bold capital F 
  C6   F086  F086: Blackboard-bold capital G   Blackboard-bold capital G 
  C7   210D  210D: Blackboard-bold capital H   Blackboard-bold capital H 
  C8   F088  F088: Blackboard-bold capital I   Blackboard-bold capital I 
  C9   F089  F089: Blackboard-bold capital J   Blackboard-bold capital J 
  CB   F08B  F08B: Blackboard-bold capital L   Blackboard-bold capital L 
  CC   F08C  F08C: Blackboard-bold capital M   Blackboard-bold capital M 
  CD   2115  2115: Blackboard-bold capital N   Blackboard-bold capital N 
  CE   F08E  F08E: Blackboard-bold capital O   Blackboard-bold capital O 
  CF   2119  2119: Blackboard-bold capital P   Blackboard-bold capital P 
  D0   211A  211A: Blackboard-bold capital Q   Blackboard-bold capital Q 
  D1   211D  211D: Blackboard-bold capital R   Blackboard-bold capital R 
  D2   F092  F092: Blackboard-bold capital S   Blackboard-bold capital S 
  D3   F093  F093: Blackboard-bold capital T   Blackboard-bold capital T 
  D4   F094  F094: Blackboard-bold capital U   Blackboard-bold capital U 
  D5   F095  F095: Blackboard-bold capital V   Blackboard-bold capital V 
  D6   F096  F096: Blackboard-bold capital W   Blackboard-bold capital W 
  D7   F097  F097: Blackboard-bold capital X   Blackboard-bold capital X 
  D8   F098  F098: Blackboard-bold capital Y   Blackboard-bold capital Y 
  D9   2124  2124: Blackboard-bold capital Z   Blackboard-bold capital Z 
  DA   F09A  F09A: Blackboard-bold small a   Blackboard-bold small a 
  DB   F09B  F09B: Blackboard-bold small b   Blackboard-bold small b 
  DC   F09C  F09C: Blackboard-bold small c   Blackboard-bold small c 
  DD   F09D  F09D: Blackboard-bold small d   Blackboard-bold small d 
  DE   F09E  F09E: Blackboard-bold small e   Blackboard-bold small e 
  DF   F09F  F09F: Blackboard-bold small f   Blackboard-bold small f 
  E0   F0A0  F0A0: Blackboard-bold small g   Blackboard-bold small g 
  E1   F0A1  F0A1: Blackboard-bold small h   Blackboard-bold small h 
  E2   F0A2  F0A2: Blackboard-bold small i   Blackboard-bold small i 
  E3   F0A3  F0A3: Blackboard-bold small j   Blackboard-bold small j 
  E4   F0A4  F0A4: Blackboard-bold small k   Blackboard-bold small k 
  E5   F0A5  F0A5: Blackboard-bold small l   Blackboard-bold small l 
  E6   F0A6  F0A6: Blackboard-bold small m   Blackboard-bold small m 
  E7   F0A7  F0A7: Blackboard-bold small n   Blackboard-bold small n 
  E8   F0A8  F0A8: Blackboard-bold small o   Blackboard-bold small o 
  E9   F0A9  F0A9: Blackboard-bold small p   Blackboard-bold small p 
  EA   F0AA  F0AA: Blackboard-bold small q   Blackboard-bold small q 
  EB   F0AB  F0AB: Blackboard-bold small r   Blackboard-bold small r 
  EC   F0AC  F0AC: Blackboard-bold small s   Blackboard-bold small s 
  ED   F0AD  F0AD: Blackboard-bold small t   Blackboard-bold small t 
  EE   F0AE  F0AE: Blackboard-bold small u   Blackboard-bold small u 
  EF   F0AF  F0AF: Blackboard-bold small v   Blackboard-bold small v 
  F0   F0B0  F0B0: Blackboard-bold small w   Blackboard-bold small w 
  F1   F0B1  F0B1: Blackboard-bold small x   Blackboard-bold small x 
  F2   F0B2  F0B2: Blackboard-bold small y   Blackboard-bold small y 
  F3   F0B3  F0B3: Blackboard-bold small z   Blackboard-bold small z 
  F4   2115  2115: Blackboard-bold capital N   Blackboard-bold capital N 
  F7   2019  2019: Right single quotation mark   Right single quotation mark 
  F8   2018  2018: Left single quotation mark   Left single quotation mark 
  F9   201D  201D: Right double quotation mark   Right double quotation mark 
  FA   201C  201C: Left double quotation mark   Left double quotation mark 
  FB   25CB  25CB: White circle   White circle 
  FC   25A1  25A1: White square   White square 
  FD   25B3  25B3: White up-pointing triangle   White up-pointing triangle