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MathType Tip: Saving Preference Files

Applies to:

  MathType 4 and later (Windows)
MathType 5 and later (Macintosh)

In an earlier tip, we learned how to properly set the font size in MathType, which is a pretty easy procedure in itself, but MathType makes it even easier with a concept called Preference Files. With Preference Files, you can easily switch from one equation formatting spec to another. Here's how to create and use them...

  1. Define the equation fonts by choosing Define from MathType's Style menu.
  2. Define equation font sizes by choosing Define from MathType's Size menu.
  3. In MathType's Preferences menu, hover over Equation Preferences. From the expansion menu, choose Save to File.
  4. You can name the preference file anything you want, but we recommend using the name of the font and the size. For example, Arial 32 would be an excellent name for a preference file you'd use within PowerPoint.
  5. When you install MathType, it already has a preference file appropriate for use with Word's default settings. On Windows, if you're using Word 2002 or 2003, this file is named Times+Symbol 12. If you're using Word 2007 or later, use Calibri 11 to match Word's default settings, but if you use a different font or size, it's convenient to create and use your own. If you're on the Mac and want to match Word 2008's or Word 2011's default settings, Cambria 12 is the one to use.

MathType remembers the last 4 preference files you've used, and lists them at the bottom of the Preferences menu. This makes it easy to switch from one formatting spec to another. If you need to load a preference file not shown in the "recent 4" list, simply repeat step 3 above, except choose Load from File.

There are more fine points to using preference files than what we've shown here, but those are subjects for future tips. If you have a tip that you'd like to pass along to us for possible inclusion in our Tips & Tricks, email us.

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