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Technical Notices

If you're looking for online answers to your technical questions, you've come to the right place! We've created a variety of Technical Notices (TechNotes) covering the most common MathType problems. TechNotes contain information about specific problems and their solutions, as well as general hints and tips. 

We've provided several ways to look for TechNotes. You can browse the entire set or use the TechNote Wizard to restrict the list to issues affecting a specific version of MathType. You can also see the most popular, Top-ten TechNotes or view a specific TechNote. Just make a choice from the list below:

Top Ten TechNotes A list of the most popular TechNotes.
TechNote Wizard Browse through TechNotes organized by MathType version and type of problem.
All Current TechNotes View the complete list of current TechNotes.
 All Archived TechNotes View the list of older/archived TechNotes
Specific TechNote Enter the TechNote number:    


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