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TechNote #26: Last modified: 10/20/99
Last reviewed: 10/20/99

Symbol Font Problems under Windows 3.1 with MathType 3.0

The information in this document applies to:

MathType 3.0 (Win)

Windows 3.1

If you are having problems printing bold and italic Symbol characters (such as Greek letters) on a PostScript printer, or if your lower case Greek characters run into each other on the screen, the following items may help. Users of MathType 3.1 and Windows 95 will not experience this problem.

Windows PostScript printer problems

The Windows PostScript printer driver does not allow italic or bold Symbol characters to be printed. For this reason, we have included a PostScript font with MathType called MTSymbol. MTSymbol is exactly like the Symbol font, except that it allows printers to print it bold and/or italicized. If your default printer is currently a PostScript printer, you will find this font in your list of fonts.

  1. In MathType, select Define from the Styles menu.
  2. Change the selected font to MTSymbol for the following three categories: Symbol, U.C. Greek and LC Greek.
  3. Press OK.

Now you will be able to print bold and italic Symbols, including Greek characters.

Note: MTSymbol is only a PostScript font, and cannot usually be used on the screen. We place a line in your WIN.INI file which tells Windows to substitute the normal Symbol font for screen display, but some programs, (notably at this point: Microsoft PowerPoint 3.0), block this substitution message. If you are running into display problems with equations once they are placed into such a program, you may want to get a copy of Adobe Type Manager, which allows PostScript fonts to be used on the screen.

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