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TechNote #45: Last modified: 10/20/99
Last reviewed: 07/04/01

Using MathType with WordPro 96 for Windows 95

The information in this document applies to:

MathType 3.5 (Win)
MathType 4.0 (Win)

Lotus WordPro 96

With the release of WordPro 96 for Windows 95 (previously AmiPro), the link between MathType and WordPro has been strengthened. WordPro supports Object Linking and Embedding (OLE). This feature allows the immediate insertion and editing of MathType equations directly from within WordPro.

Setting up WordPro 96 for use with MathType

When inserting MathType objects into WordPro, the equations are placed into a WordPro frame. The frame default style is defined to anchor in the paragraph with a border. This setting is undesirable if you intend on placing equations in-line with other text. In order to redefine the settings, you must first create a instance of the style you wish to change. To redefined the frame style default to be a character anchor (in-line) without a border, do the following:

  1. Launch WordPro 96
  2. Select Object from WordPro's Create menu; this will display a listing of the various OLE applications.
  3. Select MathType Equation and click OK; this will launch MathType.
  4. Create a sample equation (i.e.: x + y = 2) in the MathType window; remember, this is just to redefine the style.
  5. Close the MathType window (and select Update if prompted); this will place the sample equation in WordPro at the insertion point.
  6. Right-mouse click on the equation; this willProduce a floating menu popup.
  7. Select FrameProperties from the list.
  8. On the Line tab, set Lines around frame to NONE.
  9. On the Placement tab, change the Place frame value to In Text.
  10. On the Style tab, click Redefine Style .
  11. On the Redefine dialog, click OK.
  12. Close theProperties dialog by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the dialog.
  13. Click on the equation and press the DELETE key on your keyboard; this will delete the equation.

This will now redefine the style of Graphic / OLE objects to be 'no border / in text' for the active document only. The following describes theProcedure that needs to be done to save this as a template so that these setting can be used in future documents.

  1. Select Save As located under File in the WordPro menu.
  2. Change the Save in directory to the \Lotus\Smasters directory.
  3. Change the Save as type to Lotus WordPro Smartmaster (*.MWP).
  4. Type in the new template filename ( i.e.: default2 ).
  5. Click Save.

The next dialog that you will see will have to do with author accreditation. You may select yes or no to this dialog as it has no affect on thisProcedure. Once the file is saved, you can recall the template whenever you start a new document. Simply select your template whenever you create a new document.

Adding shortcuts to WordPro 96

WordPro 96 comes with Smarticon bar shortcuts that reduce the amount of work that has to be done to get specific tasks done. One of these shortcuts is inserting objects.

To toggle the view of Smarticons, select Smarticons which is located under Show/Hide in the View menu in WordPro.

To customize the Smarticon bars, do the following:

  1. Select Smarticon Setup which is located under User Setup in the File menu in WordPro; this will display the Smarticon setup dialog.
  2. Change Bar name to the name of the bar to which you wish to add the shortcut, (i.e.: Text).
  3. Scroll through the Available icons (drag to add) list and drag the icon for Insert object to the desired location on the bar.
  4. Click OK

You will now be able to display the Insert Object dialog by simply clicking on the new toolbar button.

Positioning Equations

While WordPro correctly sizes the equations, it does not correctly adjust the vertical position of the equations to line up with the text automatically. Vertical alignment of the equations needs to be done by hand by dragging the equation to the desired position.

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