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TechNote #60: Last modified: 06/25/04
Last reviewed: 06/25/04

No Program Group or Icons in MathType 3.5

The information in this document applies to:

MathType 3.5a

Microsoft Windows 3.1


When doing a first install of MathType 3.5a under Windows 3.1, some users have reported that no Program Manager group has been created after the MathType setup has completed. In cases where prior MathType users were upgrading to the newer version, their previous MathType program group is being deleted and not recreated.


Design Science has corrected this issue in versions of MathType beginning with version 4.0 (click here for upgrade information). In the meantime, it is very easy for you to create the program group and icons yourself. This notice will walk you through the steps to manually create the MathType program group and icons.

To create a program group for MathType

  1. Choose New from the Program Manager File menu to open the New Program Object dialog.
  2. Select Program Group if it is not already selected.
  3. Click OK to open the Program Group Properties dialog:

  1. Under Description, type MathType.
  2. Under Group File, type mathtype.grp.
  3. Press OK to open a MathType program group in the Program Manager.

To create icons for the MathType files

  1. Open the MathType program group in the Program manager; if a MathType group does not exist, follow the instructions listed above To create a program group for MathType.
  2. Choose New from the Program Manager File menu to open the New Program Object dialog.
  3. Select Program Item (if it is not already selected).
  4. Click OK; this will display the "Program Item Properties" dialog:

  1. For each of the entries in the table shown below, repeat steps 2-4 above placing the information in the dialog and click OK after you have input the information.
Description Command Line Working Directory
MathType c:\mathtype\mathtype.exe c:\mathtype
MathType Server c:\mathtype\mathtype.exe -server c:\mathtype
MathType Setup c:\mathtype\mtsetup.exe  
MathType Help c:\mathtype\mathtype.hlp  
MathType Readme c:\mathtype\readme.wri  

Note: Make sure that the directory where you installed MathType is correct the listed directory in the table assumes the default C:\MathType directory.

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