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TechNote #:91 Last modified: 11/02/2016

Copying and Moving MathPage Documents

The information in this document applies to:

MathType 6.x (Windows & Mac) Microsoft Windows
Apple macOS


How to copy and move MathPage documents.


MathPage documents are composed of various parts, which must be copied or moved together.


A MathPage document is generated by using MathType's Export To MathPage command from Microsoft Word.  A MathPage document can be composed of the following parts:

  1. The main web page, with a .htm, .xht or .xml extension
  2. The supporting files folder, which ends in "_files"
  3. Additional files (see below)

The main web page will default to the same name as the original Word document, but with a ".htm", ".xht" or ".xml" extension instead of ".doc", depending upon the type of file you are creating. You can supply any name you wish in the Export to MathPage dialog. The supporting files folder will take the same name as the main web page, but with an "_files" suffix rather than the file extension. The supporting files folder will contain those files generated by Word and MathPage necessary for correct display of equations, graphics and other items in your document.

The additional files depend upon the file type and are described in the following table. They are created in the same folder as the main web page. Note that targets (Page Type) listed will vary depending on exact MathType version.

 Page Type  Additional Files
GIF images mathpage.js
MathML targets:
   MathPlayer (IE Behavior)
MathML targets:
   Multi-browser (UMSS)
pmathml.xsl, pmathmlcss.xsl


It's easy to copy a Web page generated by MathPage to a Web server; you can use your favorite FTP program. However, it's essential that you copy all of the required files and keep them all in the same directory when moving them to the web server.

As an extra refinement, you may be able to add the necessary files to a zip archive, copy the archive to the web server and then unzip the files there. This can be a lot faster than copying a lot of individual files.


If you are often copying or moving MathPage documents, and you would like to see better integration with MathType, please send us your comments at

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