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TechNote #4: Last modified: 10/20/99
Last reviewed: 10/20/99

Using MathType 2.11 with Mac Write Pro 1.1

The information in this document applies to:

MathType 2.11 (Mac)

Mac Write Pro 1.1 (Mac)

When using Mac Write Pro v 1.1, we suggest that you change the Units of Measure to point instead of inches. This change will coincide with the our baseline display when an equation is cut or copied to the clipboard from MathType.

Units of Measure

To change the Unit of Measure in Mac Write Pro, choose Preferences in the Edit menu:

  1. Locate the Document icon and click on it.
  2. Choose points from the Units of Measure selection bar.
  3. Close dialog box by clicking on OK.

To make this change the default setting:

  1. Open Save As menu from the File menu.
  2. Drag the mouse from the Save As menu bar and select MacWrite Pro Options.
  3. If there is an existing file, replace it.

In-line Equations

To adjust an in-line equation, you have two options:

  1. Hold down the Option key and drag the mouse until the equation is in-line.
  2. While holding down the Option key, double click the mouse on the equation. This will bring up the Modify Frame window so you can edit the frame.

Double-clicking on Equations

MacWrite Pro v 1.1 does not support OLE. To enlarge the equation, double click on the equation and the Scale Picture dialog box will open, then select the size you want to scale the equation by. Pulling on the frame handles of the equation will only enlarge the frame, not the equation.

Importing EPS Files

To import an EPS Equation choose the Insert menu from the File menu, then select the EPS file to insert. To Move either an EPS or a cut/paste equation, hold the Option key down and double click the mouse. From the Modify Frame window select Frame Anchor None. This will allow you to move the equation within the document.

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