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TechNote #122: Last modified: 11/03/2016

Installing MathType on Macintosh OS X with Multiple User Accounts for Use with Microsoft Office

The information in this document applies to:

MathType 6.x (Macintosh)

macOS 10.x
Microsoft Office 2011 (Macintosh)
Microsoft Office 2008 (Macintosh)


When MathType is installed on a Macintosh computer with more than one user account, MathType will only work with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for the account under which the installation was performed. Other user accounts will not be able to create or edit MathType equations from the Microsoft Office applications.


At the time of installation, MathType registers itself as the equation editing application for Microsoft Office. This registration information is stored in the installing user's preferences folder, located at:

<Home Folder>/Library/Preferences/Microsoft

Since each user's home folder is protected and cannot be accessed by any other user (including administrative accounts), MathType remains unregistered for other user accounts on the same computer.


To register MathType as the equation editing application for Microsoft Office, each user must log in and perform the following steps. This will only need to be done once for each user account:

  1. Quit any running applications.
  2. While holding down the Option key, launch MathType.
  3. In the resulting window, enter the command, -regserver as shown below. Click OK.

MathType's command line window 

MathType will register itself and immediately quit.

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