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TechNote #132: Last modified: 01/29/2014

Some characters from the Symbol font family are omitted when saving equations, or exporting as EPS and placing into Adobe applications

The information in this document applies to:

  • MathType 6.6 and earlier (Windows)
  • MathType 6.x (Macintosh)
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS3 through CS6
  • Adobe Creative Cloud


When saving MathType equations as EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files or exporting EPS files from Microsoft Word, some characters may be omitted when placing these EPS files into the Adobe CS or CC applications (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator). Typically the Summation and Integral symbols are missing from the equation.


The Adobe CS and CC applications, by use of their PostScript Interpreter, expect to find and use PostScript fonts whenever it encounters EPS files (like those produced by MathType). If it does not find PostScript fonts installed this can result in omissions or unacceptable character substitutions. Therefore, we always recommend that you use the PostScript fonts provided by MathType when working with EPS files.


This issue does not occur with MathType 6.7 and later. If upgrading is not an option at this time, replace the default TrueType Symbol font with the PostScript Euclid Symbol font and resave or export the equation. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Windows:
    • MathType by default installs and uses TrueType fonts. We include the PostScript fonts in C:\Program Files\MathType\Fonts\PostScript or (for 64-bit Windows) C:\Program Files (x86)\MathType\Fonts\PostScript. You can use the Font utility in the Windows Control Panel to remove the MathType TrueType fonts and replace them with the MathType PostScript fonts. To remove the TrueType fonts, simply select them and press the Delete key (or go to File > Delete). To install the new fonts, go to File > Install New Font. After the PostScript fonts have been installed, open MathType and go to Style > Define and for the Symbol Style, choose Euclid Symbol.
  • Macintosh: The MathType Installer places copies of MathType's TrueType fonts in your Fonts folder. You should disable these and install the PostScript fonts included with the installation of MathType located at /Applications/MathType 6/Fonts/PostScript/
    1. Using Apple's Font Book application (/Applications/Font Book), disable MathType's eight TrueType font families. The list of fonts to disable is:
      • Euclid 
      • Eucild Extra
      • Euclid Fraktur
      • Euclid Math One
      • Euclid Math Two
      • Euclid Symbol
      • MT Extra
      • Symbol
    2. To disable a font family, select the font family name in the Font column then choose the Disable command from the contextual or Edit menu.
    3. Also you can use Apple's Font Book application to add the fonts found in [MathType folder]/Fonts/PostScript.
    4. To add the fonts, select the Add fonts... command under the File menu and navigate to <MathType folder>/Fonts/PostScript. Select the PostScript folder and click Open. (This will add all of the files in the PostScript folder.)

    Note: The Symbol font in the PostScript folder is a TrueType font, the same version found in the TrueType folder. We do not ship a PostScript version of Symbol because this font is built into PostScript printers. If you need a PostScript version of Symbol for your Mac, you must obtain a copy from Adobe.

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