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TechNote #98: Last modified: 11/19/15

Advanced Microsoft Word Features Disabled After Installing MathType

The information in this document applies to:

MathType 6.x (Windows)
Microsoft Word 2002 and later (Windows)


Some advanced features in Microsoft Word, such as Paste Smart Tags in Word 2002 and printing multiple sheets to a page in Word 2002, are unavailable when MathType's Commands are running.


MathType's VBA-based macros load automatically in Word in order to give our users access to more advanced and automated MathType functionality. In order for this advanced functionality to work properly, MathType's macros intercept some of Word's built-in commands, such as Edit>Paste, so that MathType is able to perform its own operations.

In general, this method of integration into Microsoft Word does not cause any problems, but in some cases this process of intercepting Word's commands affects Word's normal behavior. We have reported these issues to Microsoft in the hopes of providing our customers with MathType's full functionality without sacrificing any Word features.


Please refer to TechNote 97: Removing or Disabling MathType Commands in Word.

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