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Design Science Acquires WebEQ

Long Beach, CA, - July 10, 2000 - Design Science, Inc., the developer of MathType and the Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, today announced the acquisition of WebEQ, a suite of applications for working with mathematics on the World Wide Web, from Geometry Technologies, Inc. WebEQ's technology is based on MathML, a W3C Recommendation for inclusion of math on the Web. The company also announced it has hired Dr. Robert Miner, the chief developer of WebEQ and a founder of Geometry Technologies, as its Director of New Product Development.

"There is a major synergy between MathType and WebEQ that we believe will form a solid base upon which Design Science can build for the future," said Paul R. Topping, president of Design Science. "We are excited to have Robert Miner aboard. His vision for the future of math and science on the Web is priceless, his enthusiasm is contagious and we believe he can lead our effort to introduce cutting-edge technology needed by scientists and engineers in academia, industry and government."

Design Science, with a user base that consists of millions of  scientists and engineers worldwide, said the move will accelerate its plans to develop Web-based software for scientific and technical publishing, as well as the introduction of new products for interactive science on the Web. Since the vast majority of scientific and technical documents are authored using Microsoft Word with Design Science's technology being used to compose mathematical notation (MathType and Equation Editor), the company is in a strategic position to offer its users easy-to-use tools for converting those documents to Web-based documents.

Prior to founding Geometry Technologies, Dr. Miner was co-chairman of the World Wide Web Consortium's Math Working Group and was co-editor of Mathematical Markup Language 1.0 Specification W3C Recommendation for the inclusion of mathematical expressions in Web pages. In addition he was a research associate at The Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota in the fields of electronic communication and software development and earned his Ph. D. from the University of Maryland.

About Design Science, Inc.

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Long Beach, California, Design Science, Inc., builds award-winning software solutions that scientists, engineers and publishers use to include mathematical notation in print and Web-based scientific and technical documents.



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