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TeXaide Now Available for Free Download

Software helps scientists create mathematical notation for TeX and LaTeX documents

Long Beach, California – August 25, 1999 – Design Science, Inc. announced the release of TeXaide for Windows, a special version of the company’s Equation Editor product, designed for use by scientists or anyone needing to include mathematical notation in TeX and LaTeX documents. TeXaide can be downloaded by anyone free-of-charge from the company’s web site, TeXaide is based on Design Science's popular MathType equation editing software.

"TeX does a wonderful job of typesetting mathematics, but its learning curve is really steep. We created TeXaide to allow TeX users to create equations for documents without having to struggle with TeX's keywords and syntax and as a way of introducing our MathType technology to the TeX community", said Paul Topping, president and chief scientist of Design Science.

Print and web-based scientific and technical publications are basically divided into two camps -- those that accept word-processing documents and those that require authors to submit their work as TeX documents. Authors using a word processor normally create mathematical notation using MathType or its junior version, Equation Editor, that comes with Microsoft Office and many other products. TeX authors use a text editor to enter the TeX programming language description of their document and its mathematical equations. Because the TeX learning curve is so steep and requires its user to be comfortable with a computer language, its use is generally confined to math and physics departments within academia where help from TeX gurus is readily available.

TeXaide generates TeX using MathType’s translator technology. TeXaide includes translators that output Plain TeX, AMS TeX, LaTeX, and AMS LaTeX. TeXaide runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT 4.0 and newer, and comes with a comprehensive help file that describes how to use the product. The download is 1 MB. Design Science is also the maker of MathType, which includes hundreds of additional mathematical symbols and templates that helps user’s create a wider range of equations, a MathML translator, a customizable translator facility and many other features.



Bruce Virga
Vice President Sales

Design Science, Inc.
140 Pine Avenue, 4th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802, USA


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