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So what's the story with MathType and Microsoft Office 2008?

MathType is compatible with Mac Office 2008 but ...

MathType is compatible with Microsoft Office 2008 and Office 2011. However, MathType's commands to number, browse, format and export equations will not be available when it is used with Office 2008 due to circumstances that are beyond our control. Below, we explain why this is the case and how it impacts your use of MathType.

Microsoft omitted VBA from Mac Office 2008, creating problems for MathType users and many others

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) has been a programming language feature of both Mac and Windows versions of Microsoft Office for many years. VBA allows Office users to automate tasks and enables applications that enhance Office, such as MathType, to add their own commands. However, Microsoft omitted VBA support from Mac Office 2008. MathType's toolbar, menu inside Word, features such as equation numbering, formatting, etc., are not possible without VBA. Many of our customers were among those who complained to Microsoft about VBA being left out of Office 2008. The good news...

Microsoft has restored VBA with Mac Office 2011

Microsoft restored VBA as a product feature in Office 2011. We like to think that Microsoft's change of heart was at least partially due to our customers' efforts in letting them know how much the feature is needed. Thank you for making it happen.

Upgrade to Office 2011 and MathType 6.7 as soon as possible

We suggest that if you are using an earlier version of Office, you should seriously consider upgrading to Office 2011 and MathType 6.7 as soon as possible to experience the full functionality of both products.

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