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MathFlow - The MathML Toolbox
The MathML Toolbox Standard

MathFlow for FrameMaker

Design Science has partnered with Adobe to combine MathFlow's industry standard MathML authoring and editing technology with the FrameMaker product line. The MathFlow Style and Structure Editors are built into FrameMaker and XML Author as 30-day trial software that can be unlocked by purchasing a key from Design Science. Fixed and concurrent (floating) licenses are available.

The MathFlow Family: You may also be interested in the other products in the MathFlow line: MathFlow for Oxygen, MathFlow for Arbortext, MathFlow for XMetaL and MathFlow Components for building custom solutions for education, enterprise, and OEM product environments.

MathFlow Editors: Style and Structure

Style and Structure. With each, the user experience is similar to how Design Science's MathType product works with Microsoft Word — the operator double-clicks on an equation in FrameMaker and it automatically opens in the MathFlow editor window. To compose a new equation, a click on the MathFlow button in FrameMaker's toolbar opens a new equation window. Equations appear in typeset form within FrameMaker and are saved as MathML within the XML document.

Both the Style and Structure Editors use MathML as their primary data format, each focused on a different kind of user and application:

Style Editor Structure Editor
Style Editor Structure Editor
The Style Editor is tailored to the needs of content authors or subject matter experts (SME), and provides precise control over the visual appearance of math expressions. It is the ideal choice for applications where authors are creating content for formal publication, such as product documentation, journal submissions, etc. The Structure Editor is for XML content professionals who need fine control over visual presentation, as well as its underlying MathML structure. It is the best choice for demanding publishing workflow applications.

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If you would like to find out more about MathFlow for FrameMaker, pricing, or to purchase license keys, please contact us using our MathFlow contact page.

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