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MathML in Other HTML Media

The core HTML rendering engine of Internet Explorer is a low-level Windows component called MSHTML. The MSHTML component handles the downloading and display of HTML pages, while the Internet Explorer application provides the IE window, menus, address bar, bookmarks, preferences, etc. Internet Explorer is designed in this way so that other Windows software can reuse the core MSHTML component. For example, the popular Outlook mail client reuses the MSHTML component to display HTML email. Third-party software such as the popular FeedDemon RSS reader also reuse the MSHTML component.

MathPlayer adds MathML display to Internet Explorer by interacting directly with the MSHTML component. As a result, MathPlayer can also provide MathML display in many contexts where the MSHTML component is reused. In some cases, such as Outlook, security restrictions or other technical considerations may interfere with MathPlayer. In these cases, Design Science is pursuing ways of enabling safe and effective use of MathPlayer for MathML display. However, in many other cases, you can MathML-enable other Web-aware software with a minimum of effort.

As Design Science becomes aware of third-party applications that can make use of MathPlayer, we will add them to the list below, along with instructions for enabling MathML support as necessary. If you discover that MathPlayer works with an application not on our list, we would love to hear from you!

Applications that can Use MathPlayer

FeedDemon RSS Reader

The FeedDemon RSS reader can easily be MathML-enabled using MathPlayer by installing an additional FeedDemon stylesheet. To do this, post a request for the stylesheet to the newsgroup. Once you have obtained the stylesheet, you can install it by simply double-clicking on it.

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