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MathPlayer Development Team

Design Science

Paul Topping, Neil Soiffer, Robert Miner, Neil Chaudry, Roberto Gonzales

Language support for Math Speech

  • Chinese: Dana Li
  • Czech: Svatoslav Ondra, Masaryk university
  • Danish: Mia-Maia Stengaard, Sensus/The National Center for Visually Impaired Children and Youth
  • Dutch: Emilia Persoon, Dedicon
  • English: Neil Soiffer, Steve Noble, Jeffrey Zhang, Brian Eisner, Benjamin Lin, Beth Brownstein (ETS), Lois Frankel (ETS)
  • Finnish: Pńivi Suhonen, Library for the Visually Impaired
  • French: Alex Bernier & Dominique Burger, Kevin Cheung, Association BrailleNet; Emilia Persoon
  • German: Bernhard Stoeger, Johannes Kepler University; Emilia Persoon
  • Greek: Hernisa Kacorri
  • Icelandic: Jˇhann Sigur­sson, Birkir Gunnarsson
  • Italian: Valeria Brigatti, Emilia Persoon
  • Japanese: Toshihiro Kanahori, Katsuhito Yamaguchi
  • Norwegian: Olav Eivind Indergaard, Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille
  • Portuguese: <pending>
  • Spanish: Dana Li and Eduardo Tabacman
  • Swedish: Bj÷rn Nyqvist, The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools

Braille font

Licensed by gh, LLC

Contract services

Saltire Software

MathPlayer development was funded in part by NSF SBIR grants 0340439 and 0522308 and in part by IES grant R324A110355 and by ETS.

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