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Author bios

Design Science personnel often write articles that appear in peer-reviewed journals and trade magazines, or give presentations at conferences. This page provides biographies of our authors.

Paul Topping

Paul Topping founded Design Science in 1986 and has held the position of President and CEO ever since. Besides running the company, he is the principal architect and original programmer of DSI's MathType product and continues to provide considerable technical leadership at the company. Before founding Design Science, Mr. Topping held various technical and managerial positions within various Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) companies, specializing in user interaction and programming language design. Mr. Topping received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering 1974 from the University of Southern California. Mr. Topping also did some graduate work in Computer Science at USC and the University of California at Irvine. back

Neil Soiffer

Dr. Soiffer received his PhD in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley.  He was a member of Tektronix's Computer Research Lab, where he created experimental math computation systems, math editors, and tools for embedded systems.  Dr. Soiffer moved to Wolfram Research, where he was responsible for a number of user elements that are part of Mathematica, including the WYSIWYG math editor and programmability of Mathematica's notebook interface. He joined Design Science in 2003 and has worked on math accessibility in their MathPlayer plug-in for Internet Explorer.  Dr. Soiffer was a principal architect of MathML, and continues to have an active role in the W3C math effort. He chaired the MathML in DAISY committee, is a member of the PDF/UA and EPUB 3 working groups, and was a NIMAS board member. He was awarded an NSF SBIR grant to make electronic documents that contain math accessible and along with ETS, was awarded a IES grant to make school materials containing math accessible. back

Autumn Cuellar

Autumn Cuellar has had a long and happy history with mathematics and XML. Her first degree is in Biomedical Engineering, the obtainment of which involved a love/hate relationship with Calculus. This degree led to a role as a researcher at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. There Autumn co-wrote a metadata specification, explored the use of ontologies for advancing biological research, and developed CellML, an XML language for describing biological models. Since leaving the academic world, Autumn has been delighted to share her enthusiasm for XML in technical applications. At Design Science she works with publishers, engineers, educators, and programmers to implement MathML in XML publishing workflows.

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