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WebEQ's MathML Implementation

There are a few elements and attributes in MathML 2.0 that are not implemented in WebEQ 3. Others behave slightly differently in WebEQ than the specification requires. The known differences between the standard MathML 2.0 and the WebEQ 3.7 implementation are listed below. If you find something that is not on this list, please contact us at

Plane 1 Unicode Characters
Not supported in WebEQ. However, the alternative method of selecting these characters using the mathvariant attribute is implemented to the extent that the WebEQ fonts permit.
The attributes separator and fence have no effect. The default value for minsize is 0 in WebEQ, rather than 1 as described in the specification.
Not implemented.
The attributes scriptsizemultiplier and scriptminsize are ignored. Setting the value of background to transparent has no effect.
Renders the notation attributes longdiv, actuarial, radical. If some other value is supplied for the notation attribute or no notation attribute exists, then longdiv will be used.
The attributes subscriptshift and superscriptshift have no effect in WebEQ.
The displaystyle attribute has no effect; use the displaystyle attribute in an mstyle surrounding the table. The alignmentscope attribute is not used in WebEQ.
The selection attribute is ignored by WebEQ. The action types supported by WebEQ are somewhat different from the suggested actions in the MathML 2.0 specification. WebEQ uses the namespaced attributes dsi:color, dsi:background, dsi:cue1, dsi:cue2, and dsi:href to pass additional action parameters.
Has no effect on rendering.
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