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Presentation Element Reference

This page lists the MathML 2.0 presentation markup elements. Each element links to reference information about the MathML description of the element, with comments about the WebEQ 3 implementation.

Token Elements:

<mi>  identifier
<mn> number
<mo>  operator, fence, or separator
<mtext>  text
<mspace/> space
<ms>  string literal
<mglyph>  for using non-standard character glyphs (MathML 2.0)

General Layout:

<mrow>  group any number of subexpressions horizontally
<mfrac> form a fraction from two subexpressions
<msqrt> form a square root sign (radical without an index)
<mroot> form a radical with specified index
<mstyle>  style change
<merror>  enclose a syntax error message from a preprocessor
<mpadded>  adjust space around content
<mphantom>  make content invisible but preserve its size
<mfenced>  surround content with a pair of fences
<menclose>  enclose content with a stretching symbol such as a long division sign (MathML 2.0)

Scripts and Limits:

<msub> attach a subscript to a base
<msup> attach a superscript to a base
<msubsup> attach a subscript-superscript pair to a base
<munder> attach an underscript to a base
<mover> attach an overscript to a base
<munderover> attach an underscript-overscript pair to a base
<mmultiscripts> attach prescripts and tensor indices to a base


<mtable> table or matrix
<mtr>  row in a table or matrix
<mtd>  one entry in a table or matrix
<maligngroup/> alignment group marker
<malignmark/> alignment point marker
<mlabeledtr/> row in a table or matrix with a label or equation number (MathML 2.0)


<maction>  bind actions to a subexpression
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