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MathML International Conference 2002 Presentation

Introduction to Using MathML

Presented by Robert Miner and Bob Mathews at the MathML International Conference 2002 (June 28-30, 2002).

This tutorial covers what you need to know to author and publish a web page containing MathML. There is some general discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of MathML compared to other techniques for communicating mathematics, but the main focus is practical.

Here we'll cover important MathML concepts, including enough information to hand-code a simple equation such as x + y. We also take a look at options for display in web pages and conclude with authoring software. During the presentation of the tutorial at the conference, participants used several software tools to create and view web pages containing mathematical notation.

For the best experience, participants should be comfortable with web concepts and have some knowledge of authoring web pages. Prior knowledge of MathML is not required. That's the whole point of the tutorial!

Introduction to Using MathML

There are two documents that comprise the tutorial, plus the sample files and templates you used for practice MathML authoring during the tutorial.

  • MathML in XHTML Reference: The handout distributed to tutorial participants at the conference.
  • Sample Files: (77 KB). Compressed sample files and templates used during the tutorial.  Requires a decompressing utility, such as WinZIP or Windows XP.
  • Introduction to Using MathML (HTML version of the tutorial): The PowerPoint presentation used during the presentation of the tutorial.
    • Other versions:
      • PowerPoint 2002 version (405 KB). If you have PowerPoint 2002 for Windows (Office XP), this version will provide better clarity and easier navigation than the HTML version. If you have an earlier version of PowerPoint, the animation will not sequence correctly. If you are not using Office XP, you will get better results by downloading the PowerPoint 2000 version, which will work with earlier versions of PowerPoint, including PowerPoint 97 and PowerPoint for Macintosh.
      • Compressed PowerPoint version (29 KB). Same as the previous file, but compressed. Requires a decompressing utility, such as WinZIP or Windows XP. Requires PowerPoint 2002.
      • PowerPoint 2000 version (211 KB). Works with PowerPoint 97 and later for Windows, as well as PowerPoint 98 and later for Mac.
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